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The Naked Lady


This story is a continuation of Allure of a Predator. Billy Hughes, now a business lawyer in his late twenties, is a handsome free spirit with his eye on the prize. As he is working to break into entertainment law, legal problems involving his mother unexpectedly fall in his lap. Leaping into action by digging into her past, he takes it as his mission to find the truth, which leads him to wild nights, random shootings, kidnappings, and stories of embezzlement. Deep secrets surface, revealing the ugly side of his mother’s naked truth.

Allure of a Predator


James Fairchild works for a major media company when he meets the woman of his dreams. Marlene is incredibly intelligent, stunningly beautiful, and uses her sexuality to allure men into her deceptive, psychological game. James finds himself married to this mysterious woman with a twisted past and he’s determined to play the game long enough to discover Marlene’s motive. Allure of a Predator will have you examining the intricacies of your own life!

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Allure of a Predator is now a Copyrighted Screenplay!

All parties interested in receiving 

A Story Treatment, please contact authors @ this Website!!

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Predators are out there looking for their next victim. So beware, do not ignore the red flags or be blinded by The Allure of a Predator.

-The Allure of a Predator

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