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Charles Richardson has written a powerful story, Allure of a Predator, a fiction based upon true events. Marlene is an incredibly intelligent, stunningly beautiful and uses her charm and sexuality to allure men into her deceptive, psychological game. James finds himself married to this mysterious women with a twisted past and he is determined to make the relationship work, while ignoring the red flags!

Charles is the co-author of The Naked Lady with Amira Kidd which is a continuation of Allure of a Predator. Marlene’s son, Bill, presents this psychological thriller in third person. It is his journey of discovery into his mother's sordid past and finding his true self. The purpose of this book is to help the abuser and abused to acknowledge the impious nature of their behavior and seek help or get out of the destructive relationship. The book is available now!

​Charles Richardson currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. He is a former Broadcast Radio Executive and currently a Media and Marketing Consultant. He earned a Masters of Science degree from Baruch College, City University of New York. He is committed to community service and served on many boards including the King Arts Complex and the Columbus Urban League. Charles received a State of Ohio Notary Public Commission: 2002-RE-844440.

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